Thursday, February 26, 2015

Gulliver's Travels

I missed my regular Tuesday craft post; but we were still crafting... "crafting" a good story to go along with this dog we brought home.  Surprise Dad!

Actually, it wasn't a TOTAL surprise.  When he messaged to find out where we were Tuesday evening, we texted him this....

"WHERE are you?" he asked.

"Westland," we said.

We actually hadn't gone there to GET a dog.  We were just browsing.  We found this guy online and went to take a peek.  He was just too sweet to leave behind.  Matt, being the good guy that he is, asked a few questions and then offered to pick up pizza.

Gulliver is a pretty sweet guy!  Matt thinks he looks like a Jim Henson creation.  As for "What We're Learning"... Sit.  Mostly Sit.  But he's really got it down.  In fact, he pretty much sits the moment anyone appears now, in the hopes of another treat.

He's had a bath at home and been to the groomers for a little trim...

...gotten his own hoodie...

...and received lots of TLC.  The people at the Humane Society said that they wanted him to go to a young family that would have lots of time to play with him because he had so much energy.

Mission Accomplished.

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