Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Craftin' in the D

This week, we decided to head to the Detroit Institute of Arts for a little crafty fun!  They have tons of fun, free drop-in workshops on the weekends, as well as many other family-friendly activities.

First, we made a quick stop  in the education wing for Snowflake Making.  They had coffee filters and muffin papers and the kids got busy folding, cutting and coloring snowflakes.  

Next, we headed to the Native American Gallery for some sketching.  We tried to do this last weekend; but, they had closed the program early because of the snowstorm.  So, this was our first experience and it was REALLY awesome!  They provide everything you need:  pencils, papers, easels and even these fun little drawing benches in kid and adult sizes.  I knew that Addie would LOVE this.  She is definitely the artist in the family and I thought this would be a fun opportunity for her.  She would have stayed for hours.

Annalise had fun drawing her usual smiley faces; but, she didn't last too long.

Aidan sat and contemplated for a while.  I didn't think he would want to participate; but, then I looked over and he was hard at work sketching a kachina doll!

We walked around a few galleries and then headed over to enjoy a concert with the Detroit Children's Choir.  It was a packed house and the kids really enjoyed the music, especially singing along at the end.

Last weekend, we enjoyed a great puppet show produced by Toybox Theater from Asheville, called Billy the Liar.   It was fun for kids and parents alike!  It was  an absurdist puppet show of sorts and I know that all my theater peeps would love it!  Everything had a very fun old-fashioned, handmade vibe and we loved the the accordion accompaniment!  The kids got to spend some time with the puppeteers afterwards in the cafe, drawing pictures, talking about the show and just hanging out.  They told us they were making a trip to good old Marvins, another one of our favorite spots, before  they headed back to North Carolina.  If you ever have the opportunity to see one of their shows, you should jump on it!  

Family Sundays at the DIA are quickly becoming one of our family's favorites! They offer really awesome, family-friendly, free activities every week!  You should totally "let yourself go"!

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