Thursday, February 19, 2015

Feeling the (Free) Love!

Today, I thought I'd share something that will help you to appear Supermom-ish next Valentine's Day with minimal effort on your part.  I found this awesome free packet of Valentine's Day printables.  There were so many great things that we didn't even get to them all.  We ran out of time so I packed some away for next year!

On the Friday before Valentine's Day, we included some of them in our regular school work.  Annalise loved sorting the cutouts by size and then matching them with real conversation hearts.

Next, we all played several rounds of "Roll & Cover Sweethearts".  It was actually a really fun game that they could all play together! (The constant candy-eating may have had something to do with their willing participation.)

 On Valentine's Day, I surprised the kids with our usual table of Valentine fun!  We had heart-shaped pancakes and strawberries for breakfast.  At each of their places, I put more games and activities along with their Valentine presents.

Valentine graphing with their own boxes of conversation hearts was a BIG HIT!  They loved comparing their colors and amounts to see who had more or less of each color.

We also had sequencing pages, mazes and drawing practice.  I put everything in sleeve protectors and they used erasable markers.  This way, we can use our printables every year!

I think this was such a great package that I honestly would have happily paid for it!  You should hurry and print a copy just in case it disappears before next Valentine's Day!

Stay tuned next week, when I remember to turn my camera flash back on and all the pictures stop looking like I took them in a cave!

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