Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Conversation Hearts Get Personal

We were feeling pretty crafty this year for Valentine's Day so for the next few Tuesdays, I'll share some of our Valentine crafts... at least until you can't stand all the love anymore.  First up...these fun personalized "Conversation Hearts" for the kids.

I found these wooden hearts at Michaels for .99 and I just couldn't resist!    I just gave them each two coats of acrylic paint.

When the paint was nice and dry, I lightly traced a straight line so that I could line my letters up neatly.  (Note:  I should have also measured so that I could center things... thank goodness there were some exclamation points I could tack on the end!)

Next, I applied these fun, puffy white sticker letters to spell out each of their names.  I had to spring for two packs since we need about five hundred A's.

I sprayed them with a thin coat of clear lacquer to shine them up and help seal the stickers on more permanently.

When they were totally dry, I hot glued a ribbon loop to the back of each one.

I think they turned out super cute. They were cheap, fun and easy to make! They were certainly less time-consuming than our homemade conversation hearts a few years ago!

I hung them on the kids' chairs after they went to bed as a surprise for Valentine's Day.  We usually try to have a fun Valentine's Day morning every year.  I always set the table with lots of pink and red dishes and decorate it with ribbon and flowers and little treats!  I'll share more of that later this week!

My plan is to use these as decorations on their bedroom doors every year.  I'd like to do something similar for them for each of the holidays and just hang little hooks on the doors that we can use to rotate decorations... guess I better start hunting for shamrocks!

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