Friday, February 20, 2015

Enameled Cast Iron and The Undead

I have been hoarding pans for several years now.  It all started with a dutch oven.  One winter, I decided that I NEEDED one in the worst way.  My dear sweet husband purchased a big, bright, blue doufeu from Le Creuset which we lovingly christened "William Doufeu".  An orange griddle pan soon followed and then lots of bright yellow bakeware.  Eventually, my mom and I developed a system (still in practice today) which suits us perfectly.  It goes a little something like this:

1.  Go to an outlet mall.
2.  Buy a fifty pound pan right at the beginning of your trip so you can carry it through the rest of the outlet mall.
3.  Attach its' sentiment to the nearest available holiday; and,
4.  Voila!  "It's a gift!  How could I  refuse!?!"

Well, up until very recently, I had been sort of "saving" these good pans in the back of my cupboard and using my everyday pans.  However, I do a lot of cooking and the everyday ones were really starting to wear out.  Rather than replacing them; which, I totally wouldn't MIND doing by the way, I decided to just embrace my fancy pans and start using them all the time.  They make ordinary dinners, like tonight's overcooked Tuna Noodle Casserole, seem oh, so chic.  

And, really, what am I waiting for??  Life is just too short not to use "the good pans".  If every show my husband watches is correct, then zombies and vampires are our most imminent threat and we'll soon be forced to start destroying the respective brains and hearts of all of our closest friends any day now.  Our total annihilation is literally right around the corner.  All of this has led me to consider the important things in life...  does the lifetime guarantee on enameled cast iron extend to The Undead; and, if I'm going to have to stab people in the head, I really should upgrade to the Henckels.

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