Friday, February 13, 2015

We laugh periodically.

Today, I thought I'd let Aidan entertain you with his new favorite song.  He sings it all the time and it's super cute!  They listened to a youtube video of this song in one his homeschool science classes.  He LOVED it and apparently sang it nonstop until he had it memorized.  In fact, I was walking across the parking lot with him after his class and a car stopped.  A woman I had never met rolled down her window and yelled, "Hey!  That's the kid with the element song!  It's so funny! Come here and sing it!"

When he got home, he used his book, The Elements, by Theodore Grey, to try to memorize all of them.  I highly recommend this book.  Aidan has read it cover to cover and I still always find him flipping through it at bedtime.  It's not a kids' book; but, it is kid-friendly and really well-written.  I'm excited to order his new book about Molecules.

The girls try to join in; but, mostly Annalise just rides in the car chanting, "Lithium, Lithium, Lithium, Lithium..."

You can find the video here.

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