Monday, February 9, 2015

What We're Eating: The Inaugural Edition

Mondays at Youngstown Bread are going to be all about the FOOD!  On Mondays, I'm hoping to share some fun recipes that we try, meals that we're planning to make, yummy ingredients we discover and even some kitchen failures along the way!  

First up:  our DIY Nutella Heart Tarts!

We found the inspiration for these here; but, ours are a bit simpler.  We just rolled out two refrigerated pie crusts a bit thinner.  The kids used a large heart-shaped cookie cutter to cut out their tarts.

For the tart tops, we used a tiny heart-shaped cookie cutter to give them a little flair.

Next, we laid out our bottom hearts and spread each one with a teaspoon of warmed Nutella.

We added their decorative tops and crimped the edges with a fork.

Next, we brushed the tops with a little mixture of egg yolk and water.

We sprinkled some raw sugar on top and popped them into a 350* oven for about 14 minutes.

They were a really fun breakfast treat and the most realistic Pop-Tart knockoff that I've tried.  All three kids had seconds and we finished them up for dessert that night after dinner.  We would definitely make them again!  I think they would be cute for just about any holiday with the right cookie cutters!  

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