Thursday, February 3, 2011

Showing the Love

Love is in the air at our house! The kids have been busy this week working on some new Valentine crafts. I realize we still have another week until the big day; but, I like to spread out our holiday fun as long as I can. I find that when I save everything until the end, we tend to run out of time and rush through activities.

On Tuesday, we made Valentine shirts based on a fun idea we found here. Ours didn't come out quite as well as hers did. I couldn't find the large size heart doilies AND I let the kids make the shirts themselves. They still came out cute and they were both very proud of their work.

Wednesday, the kids made little Valentine door knob hangers for their rooms. Aidan only worked on his for a few minutes and he was on to the next activity. Adelaide actually worked on hers for quite awhile. It's hard to tell from the end result. After she glues things together, she likes to pull them back apart. I guess that's "process art"! I found these little kits at our local dollar store. Anything that entertains the kids for more that two minutes and only costs a dollar is alright by me!

Today's crafting was all about showing the love to Dad. The kids were very excited to celebrate Matt's birthday. We wrapped presents with our homemade paper and baked a cake. Aidan decorated it with his own signature GIANT clump of sprinkles.

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