Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Hometown Crafts

This week's Iron Craft challenge was "Hometown". I was excited about this one because I am a HUGE fan of my hometown. Even though we've been gone five years, I still miss home every day and we head back for lots of visits.

Youngstown was an old steel town, so I decided to make a steel town shirt for Aidan. He is a big fan of "the steel making process", as he calls it. I went to the Center for Working-Class Studies website and found some awesome photographs. The photo I chose is a picture of the Jeanette blast furnace. This blast furnace was the last of it's kind to shut down in Youngstown; and, was one of the oldest in the country. It's a classic Youngstown image and the "Jenny" in Bruce Springsteen's song, "Youngstown".

I printed the photo and Youngstown logo onto iron-on transfer paper and just ironed them onto a plain white shirt. Aidan seemed to like it. He wore it yesterday and now it's covered in chocolate eclair stains...oh well, at least I know where to get another one!


  1. Lemme guess. The chocolate eclairs were homemade too. Honestly, put Martha Stewart to shame.

  2. I wish! They were overpriced grocery store ones we ate in the car. :)

  3. I want a Youngstown shirt! That's a sweet design!