Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Two Dresses and a Bow Tie

I wanted to share the Easter dresses I made for my girls this year.  I'm so happy with they way they turned out and thrilled that I actually had time to finish dresses for both Adelaide AND Annalise.  I used the apron knot dress from the Claire pattern by Portabellopixie.  The fabric is called Cuzco.  I  made Aidan a matching bow tie with some leftover fabric at the last minute (Might be this week's crafty obsession!) and some matching flowers for the girls' hair.  

I had hoped to take lots of great spring pictures at our traditional spot.  Every year, after Mass, we head to Daffodil Hill for Easter pics.  This year, there wasn't a daffodil in sight and my poor Addie was home with Grandma and Papa covered in hives.  We still dragged Aidan and Annalise out of the car for a few chilly pics in the rain!  I was only able to get Aidan out of the car with the promise that after ten shots he could get right back in and finish reading his Make Magazine.   Thankfully, I had a few nice pictures I had taken of everyone together in line to see the Easter Bunny at the mall.  I'll share a few of those, too!

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