Sunday, April 28, 2013

Sunday Supper Plans...

Last week, I posted my meal plan for the week and it really helped to keep me on track.  My favorite recipe from last week was the Blackened Chicken with Quinoa.  It was heavenly!! I thought I'd go for it again this week!

Monday:  Tostadas, Spanish Rice and Chips and Salsa

Tuesday:  Chicken Shawarma, Middle Eastern Zucchini Cakes and Fattoush Salad

Wednesday:  Pasta and Meatballs and Salad
I'm also planning to make this yummy looking Quinoa and Sugar Snap Pea Salad for lunch!

Thursday:  Tuna Melts (Grandma Bell's Recipe!) Mac N Cheese (I'm actually going to make the same recipe I did last week; but, I'll substitute a different kind of pasta.  It was really good and I have plenty of leftovers cheeses that I hate to waste) and steamed broccoli.

Friday, Saturday, Sunday:  I'm headed out of town for a crafty girls weekend!  I've got burgers, chicken and shrimp for Matt and the kids so they can decide what they feel like each night.

You can check out my Weekly Menu board here.


  1. so glad you threw some kosher zucchini cakes in there!! your meal plans are way more elaborate than mine. you must be a much better cook than me!! where are you going? i'm going for a girls' weekend too...maybe i'll see you somewhere fun! have a good trip.

    1. Stacie D invited me to a crafting weekend, Marshall, I think. Where are you headed?