Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Takeout Ponies!

This week's Iron Craft theme was Ethnic Crafting.  We were supposed to make something inspired by a country other than our own.  I tossed around several different ideas.  I thought some teeny tiny French berets for my chickens would be cute.  BUT, since I'm already the "crazy chicken lady" in the neighborhood,  I didn't know if I should add berets into the equation.

We also had a super busy week working around the house.  We've been moving in some new furniture and bedding, reorganizing and doing some overdue patching and painting.  I found myself a bit short on time so I decided to go with a quick project.  I found this super easy tutorial over at Sew Can Do (one of my favorite craft blogs).  I knew I had some fun ethnic food buttons that I'd been saving for just the right project.  So, I made Chinese Takeout Ponies and Taco Ponies for the the girls!  

These came together really quickly.  I'm planning to sort through my buttons to make a few more sets for the girls for the summer.


  1. These are super cute but I still want to see berets on chickens!

  2. Love them!! Those are totally unique looking. And how cute is she in that last pic?!? Such a big girl with those ponies.

    And thanks for saying Sew Can Do is a favorite - such a wonderful surprise when I saw this post!