Friday, March 29, 2013

Where My (Homemade) Peeps At...

I figured it wouldn't be very Eastery of me to only have ONE post dedicated to Peeps this week; so, I decided to share our attempt at making our own sugar-coated, marshmallow goodies.  They were actually pretty easy to make and SO MUCH YUMMIER than the originals!

I started off with a batch of marshmallows.  I used this recipe and my always delicious Penzey's vanilla for flavoring.  Some of the Peep tutorials I found online said to dye the marshmallow; but, I wanted to leave them white so that they would look more like the real thing and also so I could make a few different colors without making multiple batches or TONS of marshmallows.

While my marshmallow cooled, I debated licking this giant beater coated with a ridiculous amount of marshmallow; but ultimately decided that no good could come of it.

After my marshmallows were totally cool, I turned them out and cut out my Easter shapes with cutters sprayed with cooking spray.

 I also cut some into cubes and rolled them around in the powdered sugar/cornstarch mixture left from the recipe to make some regular marshmallows for after Easter (as if they will last that long).

Then I just moistened them a bit and rolled them in sugar.  I think that if I had colored the marshmallow it may have helped to hide the spots where the sugar didn't stick; but, I still prefer the look of the pure white marshmallow inside and the bright sparkly sugar outside.

Addie and I packed them up in these fun treat bags to give out for Easter. (Well, the four that are left anyway.)

And then I sat down to my giant mug of hot chocolate with a giant pile of "the world's most" delicious marshmallows!

I probably should have started cleaning up "the world's most" giant mess instead...

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