Monday, April 22, 2013

Earth Muffins in the House!

Happy Earth Day All!

I know you're all busy recycling and composting away out there today, so I'll be brief!  Just wanted to share these fun Earth Muffins we had for breakfast this morning.  They were inspired by these cupcakes I saw last week.  I thought muffins would be a teensy bit healthier for us.

Annalise was a big fan of Earth Day breakfast.  "Mmmm, happy cake!", she declared and then ate two- and-a-half muffins.  Aidan decided we should invite the guest of honor to join us for breakfast.  Adelaide pointed out that her muffin wasn't as tender as usual; but, she'd go ahead and eat it.


In other Earthy news, we made these fun "Oceans in a Bottle".  They were easy to make and the kids really liked them.  Even Annalise, had a teeny tiny one. (I eventually got rid of hers when she wasn't looking.  Any story involving a two-year-old with a bottle of oil and food coloring is bound to end badly.)  I also checked  out some of the books listed in the instructions for the kids to enjoy this week.

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