Friday, March 8, 2013

Mean Green Number Nine

A few weeks ago, our family participated in our first Pinewood Derby Race.  I really had no idea what to expect; but, things were very official (and apparently dangerous) as you can see...

Aidan's car is the lime green Porsche in the number nine position.  He was very proud of his little car and actually did quite a bit of the work himself.  I helped him tape out the windows for painting... that was the extent of my manufacturing efforts.

 I didn't see too many of the races.  Annalise and I were busy doing what we do best:  eating Cheetos and washing dishes.  I was on hot dog duty for the event.  I have to admit that I thoroughly enjoyed cooking two hundred hot dogs and making 10 gallons of lemonade.  It must be that lunch lady blood running through my veins!

Mean Green Number Nine didn't come out a winner...BUT, when you have to stay until Mom cleans up the kitchen, sometimes you luck out, and are awarded the extra trophy left on the table!  Holla!

And... one of these SWEET Derby Pit Crew Patches!

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