Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Peep Toe Slippers for Spring!

I'm so excited about my Iron Craft project this week.  The group revived the very popular and very fun "Peeps" theme.  Two years ago, I made this fun peep wreath for the first round of Iron Craft.  I loved it and thought about making another; but, I wanted to try something different.

My Peeps Slippers were a project of many FIRSTS for me.  I had never made slippers before and I had also never sewn with fleece.  Most importantly, I had never even come close to making my own pattern for anything. I know they're not perfect; but, I'm really happy with them and they've given me the confidence to try to come up with some other original ideas.

I was actually surprised that I didn't find any other peep slippers anywhere online.  I thought they would be really cute and was certain I would find a tutorial; but I didn't find any mention of them.  Since I had zero experience making slippers to begin with, I decided to look at some elf shoe tutorials since I figured they would be fairly close in design.  I found this one and several other posts linking back to it.  It was a nice place to start and a great help in figuring out the actual slipper dimensions. I wasn't crazy about all of it though.  I found it a little difficult to follow so I sort of ended up doing my own thing.

Once I had the outer slippers and inner linings put together, I just attached them, puffed out my peep beaks and added some little dot eyes.  I debated using buttons, beads or a french knot; but I actually decided to use fabric paint so they would look more like traditional peep eyes.

I didn't get the peep angle just right; those marshmallow fellows REALLY bend back on themselves! Since I bought a full yard of peep colored fleece I'm going to work on it some more and see if I can get my next pair a bit closer to that oh, so classic peep shape.  Who knows?  Maybe I can whip up a pair for someone "Just Born"!  However, I think my Buddy likes them just the way they are!


  1. I think they look great as they are too. Painting the eye on really was a great idea to get close the the original. We have a Peeps store at Mall of America here & I've never even seen Peep slippers there.

  2. Those are so adorable and great job on making a pattern, that isn't easy!