Wednesday, April 13, 2011

A Post for All My Peeps

This week's Iron Craft Challenge was all about the Peeps. We had to use marshmallow peeps in some crafty way. I've been seeing a lot of peep wreaths on blog postings lately so I decided to try one. I figured this would be a good craft for Aidan, too. I liked the design of this wreath; but, I preferred the construction of this one. We went with all green and yellow to give it a more "natural" look. :) Also, that was all they had at the Dollar Store.

We opened all of our peeps a few days in advance to let them harden. It was pretty humid over the weekend, though, so they stayed a bit softer than I hoped.

Next, we started hot gluing them to our styrofoam wreaths. This was Aidan's first hot glue project. I was slightly nervous; but, he did a pretty good job. Matt let him use a soldering iron this summer, so I guess a glue gun is small potatoes. Aidan went for a peep pattern while I glued mine on a bit more haphazardly.

When the fronts were finished, we flipped them over and glued ribbon loops on the back to hang them. They are now proudly hanging on our front and side doors.

I wasn't sure how they would hold up. I had visions of colonies of ants carrying them off. So far, they are bug free. Their little peep noses are getting a bit smooshed by the screen doors; but, other than that, they are looking good!


  1. Very cute!! I'd love for you to link up to Wow Me Wednesday!