Saturday, September 11, 2010

Moonshine and PVC

Saturdays at our house are usually filled with lots of time outside working on projects and finishing neglected chores. That usually means the kids are wandering around the yard and garage getting into whatever is within reach.

A few months ago, Matt made Aidan his own set of PVC pipes. Matt was trying to install a new sump pump; but, Aidan refused to let him have any of the pipes. We thought if he had his own set, he would leave the household ones alone. These pipes come in handy for all sorts of things. We make machines, marble runs, telephones and musical instruments. In case you're wondering, we are aware of the dangers of PVC. We're just not the type to let toxic substances ruin our fun!

Today, when Adelaide and I came home from the farm market, Aidan was already hard at work on his latest invention. I think he may have inadvertently (or not) created our own home whiskey distillery. It comes complete with full water hookup, a fermenting area and a holding tank. The kids spent the rest of the morning dumping in mega bubble solution and shoveling cracked corn into a box at the end.

It's nice to see a bit of my family's West Virginia heritage in my kids. I'm certain that Moyer children have been playing like this "up the holler" for generations.

Like most moonshine operations, disaster is common. You can see we suffered a huge explosion in the early afternoon. I wonder if Mrs. Beam's yard looked like this when her children were young?

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