Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Music Together

This past Tuesday we had our first Music Together class. The kids had a great time singing, dancing and playing instruments.

We are in class with a few of our friends, which makes it a little more fun. I knew Aidan would enjoy the program. He loves anything musical. Adelaide was the big surprise. Whenever I try to sing a song to her at home, she tells, "No! Don't!" That was actually the first SENTENCE she ever spoke. It is still probably her favorite sentence. However, she seemed to have a really good time and actually participated. These are some pictures my friend took at the trial class we attended a few weeks ago.

The teacher, Miss Karen, has a local company called Music Makers. She is great with the kids and seems to manage Aidan rather well. The classes are a little expensive, especially with two kids enrolled; but, the program seems to be well-developed and well-run.

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