Saturday, September 18, 2010

Week 1: The Story About Ping

Our first official homeschool week of preschool began on Monday. We are using a great program called Five in a Row. We read a different story book each week. Each day, we then choose a different subject to study with a lesson relevant to the week's story. Subjects include Social Studies, Language Arts, Art, Math and Science.

We began our first week with The Story About Ping. This was a book that I had as a child; but, ironically, didn't really enjoy. As an adult, though, I loved it. Luckily, Aidan really enjoyed it. Earlier in the week, he told me he wanted a pet duck. By the end of the week, he wanted to BE a duck.

We began our Social Studies lesson on Monday. First, we located China on a VERY LARGE world map which now hangs in our living room. We placed a little "Ping" disk on the map and then discussed the culture of China and the Yangtze River, the setting for the story.

Tuesday was Language Arts day. We discussed the definition of a "classic story". We also had our first day of music class.

Art Day came on Wednesday. We discussed artist's perspective and then practiced drawing from different perspectives. In order to keep Aidan interested, we drew LIGHTBULBS from different perspectives.

Thursday began with a visit to the Franklin Cider Mill to feed ducks with another homeschooling family. We then headed to the park for a homeschool picnic. Matt taught Aidan's Math lesson that evening and it went really well. They used cubes to represent ducks and sorted and organized all of Ping's family.

Friday was Science Day. Earlier in the day, we learned all about ducks and made little Yangtze Rivers with "wise-eyed boats" and ducks. In the evening, Matt and Aidan played "Sink or Float" and charted their results.

Tomorrow, we'll end our week with a trip to our favorite Chinese restaurant, Hong Hua. I usually order the Peking Duck when we go; but, I am guessing that is off the table for now!

In addition to our daily school lesson, we read a small Bible story each morning and discuss it. We also try to fit in time for music, some type of small manipulative or craft and outside time to run around. These are all activities that Adelaide can participate in, as well.

I'm really happy we made the decision to homeschool. I'm sure not every week will go as smoothly or be as productive; but, we'll do the best we can.

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