Thursday, February 14, 2013

A Whole Lot of Love and a Whole Lot of Other Stuff

Valentine's Day at our house was a day full of fun and full of activity.  Ads kicked things off early for us when  she came downstairs about 6:30 this morning to discover the Valentine goodies spread out on the kitchen table.  She promptly came upstairs and jumped on us repeatedly until we headed down to open presents and start grilling our family's traditional pink heart-shaped pancakes.  We also opened Dad's treat because nothing says Valentine's Day like a box of chocolates for breakfast.

After breakfast, we got dressed in our Valentine finery, (and I use the term, "we" loosely...  I was still in my pajamas at 12:30, at which point, I jumped into the shower and changed into my beloved bleach-speckled purple sweatpants because our friends were heading over to play and I wanted to look my best.  Never mind that my children were all in new hand-crafted coordinated outfits with matching accessories even though they NEVER even left the house and I was wearing old, giant sweatpants; but, I digress...) and got started on our schoolwork.

After a fun afternoon with our besties, we had dinner and made these awesome cake pops.  The kids did most of the work themselves and I couldn't believe how cute they turned out.  They were pretty tasty too.  After cake pop making, we made popcorn and drizzled it with all of our leftover colored chocolate and candy sprinkles, because, you know, we will need something for breakfast tomorrow, too.

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