Monday, February 18, 2013

A Walk in the Woods

Last Friday, everyone was just bursting with energy.  There was a little bit of sunshine outside so we headed to the park for some running around.  I usually put Annalise in the stroller; but, I decided to make her hoof it this time.  She fell down about eight hundred times in the first four minutes (and insisted on walking on only the icy parts of the path); but, she eventually got the hang of things.

We did lots of rock collecting, bird watching (bird shouting), deer spotting and plant identifying.  Annalise did lots and lots of dirty ice chunk eating, much to my dismay.  I tried to intervene for the first half hour; but, eventually gave in.  I know when I am defeated.

Just as we were heading to the car, the kids spotted this wigwam and teepee setup.  Everyone had a grand time investigating.  It seemed marginally warmer in that wigwam so I didn't mind!

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