Sunday, April 3, 2011

Mirette on the High Wire

We followed a pretty simple school plan last week. Matt had to spend the week in Kansas City for work and I'm starting to feel SUPER pregnant so I knew we would need to take it easy. Our book, Mirette on the High Wire, written by Emily Arnold McCully, tells the story of a young French girl who learns to walk the high wire from a famous daredevil and helps him conquer his fear.

For social studies, we discussed boasting. Aidan is going through an "I'm the greatest and I can do everything" phase so it seemed appropriate. I told him it was better to let someone else praise you than to do it yourself. I'm not sure the message got through. I think he may just need to outgrow it.

We learned the french color words and played a little matching game with english and french color cards for language arts. Continuing with the color theme, we learned about complimentary colors for art.

This weekend, the guys learned about balance and the center of gravity with a balancing toy and some string. We did a little work in our letter and number books and did some easel painting, too. We survived our week alone; but, we are definitely glad to have Matt back home!

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