Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Mess with Her, She'll Cut You

This week's Iron Craft theme (#14) is "Wish You Were Here". We were supposed to make postcards using any type of paper craft material we liked. I'm not much for making (or sending) cards and notes, as most of my family and friends know. Tasks like gluing neatly and cutting straight lines (as you can see) are not my forte.

I do have one good friend who is great at sending cards and notes. She likes paper crafting and personalized stationery. She also has a super-fun name, so I decided to make a postcard for her. I tried to embellish it will all of her greatest loves: pink ribbon, fancy brads and swarovski crystals. I knew what she would do to me if I tried to use those dollar store rhinestones again. Jessica hails from the gritty urban streets of one of Chicago's most affluent neighborhoods so you know she is tough. Why, she's practically the hair-clip making Leroy Brown of our Mom's Club.

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