Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Tea Bags for the Tub

Last winter, I ordered a copy of Rosemary Gladstar's Herbal Recipes for Vibrant Health.  We made an awesome diaper salve that we now use for all sorts of cuts, scrapes and dry patches.  We LOVE it.  In fact, after giving some tins to friends and using them ourselves all year, we are almost ready to make a new batch.

This week, however,  I tried a much simpler recipe for Bath Herbs.  It's a nice one to try because it's just the simple combining of dry herbs.  You end up with something really beautiful to use yourself or give as a gift in minutes.

I combined a half cup each of calendula, chamomile and comfrey leaf with a quarter cup each of lavender and pink roses.  Most of my herbs are from Mountain Rose Herbs and I have been very happy with everything I've ordered.  I gave the bag a shake and the work was done!

I used some leftover fabric and the velcro remnants from my snack bags to sew a few little reusable bags to hold the herbs, sort of an "herbal tea bag" for the tub.  The author recommends using the pouch as a washcloth as well.  The herbs are suitable for the whole family and make your bath smell wonderful!

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