Thursday, March 29, 2012

SomeBunny is Ready for Spring!

Annalise has finally discovered grass! She was born last May and was around all summer long. However, anyone that knows her can vouch for the fact that Annalise was not a fan of being put down, ever. She lived out her first nine months in my arms or her little pink wrap. Thankfully, for the past month, she has been tolerating a few minutes here and there left to her own devices.

Today, I took her outside and sat her down in the grass for what is probably the first time and she didn't protest too much. I think she was actually a little interested. She was kind enough to model some of her Easter finery. I think she was too busy trying to munch on old leaves to notice.

I'm really happy that I actually finished a few Easter items for her BEFORE Easter! Her little bloomers are from a pattern in Making Children's Clothes by Emma Hardy. I found a cute vintage-looking Easter fabric at Joanns and trimmed them with some leftover green fabric I already had. These simple bloomers did cause lots of problems for me along the way (due to my own stupidity). Would you believe that it actually takes two and a half yards of fabric to make this tiny pair of pants. On that note, if you like these, I can give you the supplies to make a completely upside down pair for yourself...

Thankfully, Annalise's bunny hat came together much more easily. The pattern is from Itty- Bitty Hats by Susan B. Anderson. I have made several hats from this book and they all seem to turn out fairly well. I didn't use the yarn called for in the pattern. I knew this hat wouldn't get a ton of wear, so I just used some inexpensive baby yarn in a really soft champagne color. When I finished knitting, I tied some little cream ribbon around the ears to help them stand out.

I'm hopeful that my sweet rabbit will continue to enjoy a little freedom in the grass this springtime because there are LOTS of weeds and sticks around here that could use my attention.

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