Sunday, October 2, 2011

Organ Butts and other Science-y Stuff

I feel I should begin by stating that the following puzzle manufacturer did not in any way compensate me for this blog post. In fact, given the opportunity, they may have paid me NOT to write it.

Adelaide is my puzzle girl. She loves puzzles of any kind and will build the same one for hours and hours. I find piles of puzzle pieces all around the house and we are forever fishing them out of couch cushions and from beneath appliances. Amazingly, we very rarely actually lose a piece for good.

Her favorite puzzle by far, the one she builds more often than any other, is her body puzzle. We had a boy version for Aidan that she loved. I found a girl version for her this spring and she is constantly working on it.

The puzzle is actually rather intricate for her. There are several layers to the puzzle: organs, skeleton, muscles, skin and clothing. In order to keep things straight, she has come up with several terms she uses when discussing the many pieces. Working our way from the bottom up, we begin with "organ butt".

"Organ butt" lies neatly beneath "muscle butt" and is complemented by "muscle shirt". She has been a bit distraught lately, as we have been missing a "skin arm" for a few days. The top head, with hairclip, she refers to as "Adelaide".

Our favorite piece by far, is the one she refers to as "Grandma Barb". Here is a picture of my mom. I'll let you judge for yourself.

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