Thursday, October 13, 2011

Bees and Ducks

Our school days and weeks have been flying by quickly. With Aidan's increased workload, Adelaide's new participation and Annalise's frequent need for snacks and snuggling, the hours go by very quickly around here. I have been trying to post a weekly wrap up for our school work; but, I'm afraid I've slipped a few weeks behind.

For the end of September, we read The Bee Tree by Patricia Polacco. The kids both enjoyed the book. We are big honey bee fans around here! Set in Michigan, the story gave us the opportunity to learn about our state's geography and symbols. We also studied onomatopoeia, stringed instruments and, of course, honey bees!

Last week, we read Daniel's Duck by Clyde Robert Bulla and learned about artists and the artistic process. We talked about the sort of activities we could work on over the long winter indoors. Plans were made to craft items to enter in our favorite summer fair. We also practiced a little "play doh carving".

Over the past two weeks, we finished the remainder of Aidan's review work in letter sounds and math. He's very enthusiastic about learning to read and can't wait to work on some new math skills.

Most exciting of all, Aidan began drum lessons. He has wanted to learn to play the drums for a long time. He received a nice drum set from my parents last year; but, I thought he was still a little too young for formal lessons at the time. We just finished our third lesson and couldn't be happier with our awesome instructor and everything that Aidan is learning!

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