Saturday, August 14, 2010

Soldering for Preschoolers

The Henry Ford hosted the Detroit Maker Faire this year. It's a giant fair devoted to taking things apart and putting things together. We knew Aidan would LOVE it! He learned all sorts of valuable things that a three-year-old needs to know: soldering, disassembling laptops and "hacking" into his electronic toys to make them do crazy things.

All of the exhibits were really well done, even if some were a little weird. The kids seemed to really like the Sashimi Tabernacle Choir, a car covered in singing fish reprogrammed with opera pieces.

Matt and I did alot of "chicken tractor" research in the agriculture tent. Matt is ready to start building the thing. I am still trying to decide if chicken tractor relocation, egg collecting and general chicken maintenance will fit into my daily schedule.

The highlight for our family was a much larger than life Mousetrap game. Mousetrap is big fun at our house since it combines all of our greatest loves: Rube Goldberg machines, marbles and cheese.

The Faire seemed to provide Aidan with a ton of inspiration. He has spent the past week taking apart his tool bench. He keeps telling me that he needs to take apart the laptop. If my postings cease, assume he did.


  1. LOL! Ah machines at the Hawkins residence. Their importance must not be taken lightly. Question:
    What has happened to poor Elmo in that picture? Does Ella need to do a rescue mission?

  2. That Elmo was already dead when we arrived. I don't know if there is anything Ella could do for him.

    On a side note...I am SO excited to have my first comment! :)