Tuesday, May 7, 2013

I have ALWAYS got the notion!

This week's Iron Craft Challenge (#9) was "I've Got A Notion".  We were supposed to use materials from the notions aisle and highlight them in our project.  I had some fun cowboy buttons that I'd been saving up for a project as well as some cool new burlap ribbon that I wanted to try.

I decided to make these fun Cowboy Hair Clips for the girls.  I used leftover fabric from a dress that I made for Addie over the weekend.  Annalise has a little shirt in the same fabric; but, I'm not quite finished with it yet.  I crafted some fabric flowers and then attached a cowboy themed button to the center of each.  I wrapped some giant snap clips in wide burlap ribbon and attached my homemade flowers.  

Addie had hers on at the crack of dawn this morning so I guess it's a crafty win!