Thursday, October 4, 2012

Scenes from Fancy Dinner

We've decided to start a new tradition in this house.  Every Sunday, we're attempting to get out the china and crystal, sit at the dining room table (that is usually covered with books and markers and maps and counting cubes) and have what has been officially dubbed, "Fancy Dinner".  

Our first Fancy Dinner was a HUGE success!  Never one to miss a chance to look her best, Addie was my number one supporter.  When she entered the dining room, she asked me where I got all these dishes and glasses.  I pointed to the china cabinet and she let out an audible gasp.  Aidan and Matt were on board, too; and, Annalise even refrained from her usually meatball throwing.

We made a big pot of homemade spaghetti sauce and meatballs for the evening.  We had planned to make homemade pasta, too; but, I was starting to fizzle out.  The thoughts of hand-washing china AND cleaning up a flour-covered kitchen were just too much!

After dinner, because I watch far too many period dramas on PBS, we retired to our "drawing room" where  everyone took turns entertaining with their talents.  Aidan recited a poem he composed about Addie called, "Mister, Mister, Where's Your Sister?".  Addie regaled us with some of her ballet moves and  Matt gave us a dramatic interpretation of his beloved, "In the middle of the night, two dead boys got up to fight..."; which, if you have ever met him, you have already heard.

What will next week's fancy dinner hold?  Only time will tell.  We're looking forward to sharing this time with friends, too.  So dress for dinner, load up your harpsichord and head on over!

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