Thursday, September 22, 2011

Millions of Peaches

A few weeks ago, we celebrated our annual family peach harvest. We have two peach trees that we planted about five years ago. They started as tiny little saplings that altogether produced one peach the first year. The trees ripen about a week apart. This year, we picked about forty pounds of peaches from the first tree and almost the same from the second one the following week. We ate as many as we could, baked a few pies and froze some halves for smoothies this winter. I have given up attempting peach jam. It just never seems to turn out for me.

We also gathered our very first pear crop. These trees were planted at the same time as the peach trees; but, have taken a long time to mature. Our yard is also home to four apple trees that produce a large assortment of small, sour, wormy apples and one plum tree that refuses to give up the goods.

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