Friday, August 12, 2011

Pillows for My Pals

Annalise was born and I fell off the craft wagon...HARD! Not a fan of her crib, bassinet or any other sort of baby entertaining device, she has definitely occupied my time and hands for the last three months. I spend much more time dusting her crib for cobwebs than I do changing her sheets.

A few weeks before Annalise was born, I made Aidan a pillowcase with gears all over it for his body pillow. It serves dual purpose as a snuggling device and bed/wall crack plug. Addie has been waiting very patiently for her "princess pillow". She picked the fabric out weeks ago. I washed it right away; but, never seemed to find time for anything more.

Tuesday evening, Annalise actually managed to fall asleep in her crib. The other two were already in bed, so I decided to go for it. My sewing area is just a few feet from her crib and the room was very dim. I very quietly ironed, measured and cut my fabric in the dark. She was still snoozing away so I decided to try the sewing machine. Surprisingly, she slept right through it!

It was a small and easy project; but, it felt good to actually accomplish something. Addie found the pillow when she woke up the next morning and has been snuggling with it ever since.

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