Wednesday, July 27, 2011

A Week at the Lake

We just returned home from a fun-filled week at Lake Erie with some great memories and enough beach rocks to last a lifetime. My parents rented an awesome cottage just a few doors down from my aunt and uncle's cottage. It was a perfect, low-key vacation and just what everyone needed.

Addie was a total beach bum and spent her days collecting teeny tiny seashells, riding her tricycle and working on her chalk art.

Aidan was obsessed with collecting "beach glass" and had us on the beach three times a day looking for more. He also got to try some go-carts and bumper boats with Matt and my dad.

Annalise did what she does best...

Matt and I visited Debonne Vineyards, one of our favorite wineries, and stocked up for the year. We also got in some great evening bike rides and a dinner date at our new favorite restaurant, Hil-Mak's.

Everyone had a great time hanging out in Geneva on the Lake. We did some mini-golfing at the oldest mini golf course in continuous operation in America and got in a few rounds of Fascination. Matt took the kids on their first ferris wheel ride and we ate LOTS and LOTS of ice cream.

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  1. looks like you had a great vacation!! I love it up there, I just wish it wasn't so close to my inlaws (ha!). Beautiful family Lindsay! Sending love your way.