Friday, March 26, 2010

Our Homeschooling Journey

We've decided to homeschool Aidan next year for preschool. For the past two years we have taken classes through the public school system; but, we'd like to try something different next year. The program we'll be using is called Five In A Row. This is a literature-based curriculum using classic stories with studies in Language Arts, Science, Math, Social Studies and Art.

For the remainder of this school year, I decided to use a program called Before Five In A Row. It's the same type of program; but, for younger children. We're not really doing an official "school" program. I just want to get into the habit of planning, preparing and following through on a lesson. I also wanted to take some time to figure out what will and won't work for our family school time.

We've done several stories already: Jesse Bear, What Will You Wear?, The Snowy Day, The Runaway Bunny and The ABC Bunny. Aidan has really responded to this style of learning and I like spending time pulling as much out of the stories as I can. We've been exploring new styles of art like watercolor and charcoal drawings. Our new felt board has been a big hit, too.

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